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Country Jam is using high tech, RFID-enabled wristbands to enhance your festival-going experience. Your wristband serves as your admission ticket to enter the festival fast – with a quick tap of your wristband!

Those who purchased tickets before June 1 will be receiving your wristbands, camping and parking passes in the mail starting the week of May 2 through early June. If you have already received your wristband, here’s how you can register and get the most from your festival experience.


This is very important – your wristband will lock instantly once you have put it on, and you won’t be able to remove it.
The next step is to register your wristband before the festival.

If you have ordered more than one wristband, assign a wristband to each of your festival buddies and have them each create a new account with their information before arriving at the festival. Please do NOT register someone else’s wristband for them. This helps us track your unique wristband in case it gets lost or damaged.

Why Register?

Wristband registration protects you in case you lose your wristband, it is stolen, it is damaged or it simply stops working. Only the person who registers their wristband or the original purchaser can be issued a replacement wristband. If your weekend requires a visit to the Customer Service tent, you can be assured that your registered wristband will make troubleshooting quick and easy.

Ready to Register?

Fill out the forms below to register your Wristbands, Camping Passes and Parking Passes for Country Jam 2016
See our full list of FAQs here!

RFID Wristband Activation Instructions

1) Locate the 14­-digit Unique Credential ID number located on the underside of the RFID badge.


Enter Your Credential ID & Information

2) Either register by using your email address and personal information OR log in by using Facebook.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one (1) email address OR *one (1) Facebook account can be attached to each wristband. You cannot register multiple wristbands with one (1) email address or *one (1) Facebook account.

Wristband Policies

  • All sales are final. No exceptions.
  • Do NOT remove your wristband in between days.
  • Only tickets purchased through Country Jam & Elevate ticketing are valid. Country Jam will not confirm validation of a ticket purchased through a third party.
  • Wristbands are nontransferable.
  • Lost, stolen, broken, tightened, or tampered wristbands are void and Country Jam is not responsible for these wristbands.
  • Wristbands can be replaced for a $25 fee with broken/tightened band and proof of purchase.

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