Before You Buy

Those who purchased tickets before June 1 will be receiving your wristbands, camping and parking passes in the mail starting the week of May 2 through early June. If you are camping and did not purchase an admission ticket with camp access, please call our Guest Services line immediately at 855-821-9210 to avoid being denied access to the campgrounds.


 THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – your wristband will lock instantly once you have put it on, and you won’t be able to remove it.

Guidelines to a Flawless Cashless Experience:

  • REGISTER YOUR WRISTBAND! This will link your wristband to YOU! Registration protects you in case you lose your wristband, it is stolen, it is damaged or it simply stops working.
  • TOP-UP BEFORE COMING TO THE EVENT! You’ll avoid having to do so on-site and just get straight to the fun! A $5 bonus credit will be rewarded for every $125 you top up before Monday, June 11 at 11:59PM.
    • Pro-Tip: The easiest and most convenient way to add credit to your account is to enable auto top-up. With this feature, your account balance will automatically reload $50 into your account when you balance drops below $10!

Why Register?

  • It protects you in case you lose your wristband, it is stolen, damaged or it simply stops working
  • Replacement wristbands will ONLY be issued to the person it is registered to or the original purchaser (with a $25 replacement fee)
  • If your weekend requires a visit to the box office or Guest Services tent, you can be assured your registered wristband will make troubleshooting quick and easy!
  • Ability to top-up your wristband in advance, and the opportunity to earn a $5 bonus credit for every $125 added before June 11 at 11:59 PM.
  • Ability to top-up right from your smartphone, saving you time from waiting in Top-up Station lines
  • Automatic refund after the event (for any leftover funds added with credit or debit card)
  • If you ever lose or break your wristband, the box office will be able to cancel and re-issue you a new wristband and transfer your cashless account balance but only if you are the registered wristband owner or original purchaser
  • Digital receipts sent right to your email

Registration will open when wristbands have been shipped.

How does Cashless work?

Your wristband serves as your admission ticket to enter the festival, but it also doubles as your digital wallet! With just two taps of your wristband, the purchase is complete! 

  1. Start by “topping-up” to add credit to your account
  2. Once you’re topped up, you can simply tap your wristband at any payment point at the event, place your order, then tap again to confirm!
  3. The purchase amount is automatically deducted from your available account total

How to “Top-Up” (add funds between $0.50 and $1,000)

Country Jam App: using your smartphone – select “Wristbands” from the home screen or “Top-Up Wristbands” from the menu

Website: Wristbands have not been sent out just yet. Check back when you have your wristband in hand to start adding funds.

Top-Up Station: Visit any Top-Up Station on site to top-up using cash, credit, or debit card (see map for Top-Up locations)

  • Pro-Tip: The easiest and most convenient way to add credit to your account is to enable auto top-up. With this feature, your account balance will automatically re-load $50 into your account when you balance drops below $10!

Cashless FAQs

How do I make a purchase?

  1. Tap your wristband on the RFID reader
  2. Place your order with the staff
  3. Tap your wristband a second time to confirm your transaction

What are the benefits of cashless?

There’s plenty! Faster transaction times in lines, smartphone top-up, less risk of losing your wallet or money, no more fumbling around for change or smooshed up dollar bills in your pockets, convenience, and digital receipts for registered users.

Why is it important to register your wristband?

It makes for quick, easy troubleshooting in the event of your wristband being lost, stolen or damaged.  This also allows you to top-up before the event or from your smartphone, so you can avoid that step onsite and get right to the fun!

Are there any additional fees for using Cashless?

Nope! Creating the account and adding funds is fee free!  If you don’t use the funds remaining on your account at the end of the festival a $5 refund processing fee will be taken from those funds.

How secure is cashless payment technology?

This system is bank-certified – Common Criteria EAL3+. All data is encrypted with a minimum of 256 bit. Additionally, no information is stored on the wristband, so if your wristband is lost or stolen, simply log in to your account and “freeze” the missing wristband or visit Customer Service on-site for assistance.

What if I want to tip my bartender or food vendor?

No problem! You can add a tip after you place your order, then tap your wristband a second time to confirm your purchase and tip. If you forget to tip before you tap a second time, you can start a new transaction and add just a tip! Easy!

What can I use my cashless wristband to purchase?

EVERYTHING! All bars, food vendors, merchandise, and additional purchases will be processed through cashless.  *Please note ice sales, water filling, pump and dumps, and all other campground purchases will also be processed via your wristband.

Will I be able to use my credit card, debit card, or cash at all?

If you need to purchase any kind of upgrade or additional items from the box office for the weekend you will need a form of payment other than your wristband.  Other than that, everything else will be run through Cashless!

What happens to the money left on my wristband at the end of event?

All leftover funds at the end of the event will be refunded back, less a $5 refund processing fee. *Please note funds added with cash require action!

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Will be automatically refunded within 10 business days of the end of event.
  • Cash: Requires a Manual Refund Form to be filled out. DO NOT THROW OUT YOUR WRISTBAND. You will need a valid email, bank account, and your wristband numbers to apply for the refund. This form will be available to fill out after the festival.

Can I split the cost of something with a friend?

Unfortunately not, you cannot split payment for an item.  Only one wristband can be used to open the transaction (your first tap on the kiosk) and that same wristband must be used to confirm and close the purchase (your second tap on the kiosk) This is a security feature to ensure the purchaser is in control of their own spending.

How do I add credits to my account at the event?

You can visit any one of our top-up stations, see map for locations. If the location you want to use is closed or you just don’t feel like walking over there, you can also visit the website at or from the Country Jam App under “Wristbands” from the home screen and “Top-Up Wristbands” from the menu.

*Pro-Tip: by setting up “Auto Top-Up” you will never have to worry about visiting anyone to top-up! With this feature your account balance will automatically re-load $50 into your account when your balance drops below $10.*

Can I transfer my credits from my wristband to another one?

No, you cannot transfer credits to another account once they have been added to yours.  However, any leftover credit will be refunded to you in accordance with our refund policy.

If my friend and I both have leftover credit, can we combine the remaining accounts into one account?

No, credits cannot be combined from different accounts once those accounts have been created separately.

Can I get receipts for my transactions?

Yes! Just make sure to register your wristband, so you can receive digital receipts to your email, or simply log in to your cashless account and download your receipt!

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Visit our general festival FAQs here or email us at

Wristband Policies

  • All sales are final. No refunds, no exceptions.
  • Do NOT remove your wristband at any time while on the festival grounds.
  • Only tickets purchased through Country Jam & Elevate ticketing are valid. Country Jam cannot confirm validation of a ticket purchased through a third party.
  • Wristbands are non-transferable.
  • Lost, stolen, broken, tightened, or tampered wristbands are void and Country Jam is not responsible for these wristbands.
  • Wristbands can be replaced for a $25 fee, with broken or tampered wristband in hand and proof of purchase.